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Serving the Diocese of Austin
Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery serves Catholics from around the Austin Diocese. Read what local Priests and Deacons have to say about their experiences.

Rev. Dean Wilhelm:

As Pastor of St. William Parish, I have counseled many families who have lost loved ones. This has given me the unique opportunity to become united with them in Christ, just as we become one with Jesus as we receive the Eucharist.

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Fr. Brian McMaster:

A young priest grows through his experiences. The encounters he has with the people of his first parish help to shape and gently mold his heart to have the compassion of the Heart of Jesus.

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Deacon Mike Aaronson:

I remember visiting Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery when it first opened. I thought how amazing and peaceful the cemetery was.

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Deacon David Boren:

Our experiences with Our Lady of the Rosary Cemetery began when we were approached for the first time with the concept of a Catholic cemetery with perpetual care. 

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Deacon Barry Ryan:

Displaced from her lifelong home in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina six years ago, my mother proclaimed that Austin would be where she lived for the rest of her life and beyond.

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Msgr. Louis Pavlicek:

A Catholic cemetery is Holy Ground. With reverence we have the opportunity to visit the sacred shrine where the body of our loved one has been placed in the womb of the earth to await the final day of glory with the resurrection.

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